Diego Josef (Shorter Bio)Actor | Athlete |Humanitarian | Musician

​Diego Josef is a highly accomplished young actor and athlete who was born in 2000 in Burbank, California. Diego has been able to acquire new skills and excel in many areas of his life despite his young age. As a musician, model, and actor, Diego has truly inspired so many people. Additionally, his experience with print ads include well known brands like Reebok, Sprint, AT&T, Kmart, and many more. He has also been in several commercials and is best known for his famous Tom Brady Ugg commercial.His first major lead role came in 2012 where he was chosen to be Peter The Great in a TV show for Nickelodeon called Deadtime Stories Little Magic Shop of Horrors.  He then got his first lead role in 2013 in a feature as Alex in Ugly Benny.An accomplished entrepreneur, Diego actually started his own production company called D Force Productions in an effort to create relevant and unique content for his age group and help others launch projects.In his spare time, he enjoys giving back. He’s a passionate animal activist and rescued a Jack Russell Terrier mix puppy called Kibbles from the Almost Home Dog Rescue, a venture he now supports. He’s also on a quest to support Homeless kids Charities, Smile Train, and the Help Me See Foundation for blind children.Keep tabs on Diego by visiting his website www.diegojosef.com and www.dforceproductions.com and help him make the world a better place. Diego's motto “Live With Fire” and love the Lord.